Pirfenex 200mg Pirfenidone Tablet

Description: It is used for the treatment of mild or moderate Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) in adults. In IPF, the tissues in [...]

Onglyza 2.5mg Saxagliptin Tablet

Onglyza 2.5mg Saxagliptin Tablet WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY ONGLYZA 2.5MG TABLETS ? Onglyza 2.5mg Saxagliptin Tablet, Onglyza is a [...]

Sandimmun Cyclosporin 100mg Capsule

Sandimmun Cyclosporin 100mg Capsule WHAT IS SANDIMMUN NEORAL 100 MG CAPSULES ? Sandimmun Cyclosporin 100mg Capsule, Cyclosporine has a [...]

Sandimmun Cyclosporine 50mg Capsule

Sandimmun Cyclosporine 50mg Capsule WHAT IS SANDIMMUN NEORAL 50 MG CAPSULES ? Cyclosporine has a place with a class of medications known [...]

Bosentas 125mg Tablet Bosentan

Bosentas 125mg Tablet Bosentan WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY BOSENTAS 125MG TABLETS ? Bosentas 125mg Tablet Bosentan Suppliers in China, Bosentas [...]