Ebutnat 0.5 Mg

Details Brand Name: Ebunat Composition: Eribulin Mesylate 0.5mg/ml Manufactured By: Natco Pharma Ltd Form: [...]

Xeloda 500Mg

Description Xeloda 500 mg Tablet is an anticancer medicine which is used in the treatment of colorectal and breast cancer. It should be [...]

Stivarga 40 Mg Tablet

Description Stivarga is used to treat cancer of the colon and rectum which has spread to other parts of the body. It is also used to [...]

Nublexa 40 Mg Tablet

Details Brand name:                        Nublexa Active ingredient:               [...]

Lenalid 5 Mg Capsule

Details: Lenalid is the brand name of this medicine. The main constituent of this medicine is Lenalidomide. Natco Pharma Limited [...]

Mitotax 300mg Injection Paclitaxel

Mitotax 300mg Injection Paclitaxel What is Mitotax 300mg Injection Paclitaxel? Mitotax 300mg Injection Paclitaxel, Mitotax 300 MG [...]

Intaxel Paclitaxel 260mg Injection

Intaxel Paclitaxel 260mg Injection What is Intaxel Paclitaxel 260mg Injection? Intaxel Paclitaxel 260mg Injection, Intaxel 260 MG [...]

Eligard Leuprolide / Leuprorelin 45mg Injection

What is Eligard Leuprolide / Leuprorelin Injection? Eligard Leuprolide / Leuprorelin Injection, Eligard Injection is used for Infertility, [...]

DoceNat Docetaxel 120mg Injection

DoceNat Docetaxel 120mg Injection What is DoceNat Docetaxel Injection: DoceNat Docetaxel 120mg Injection, Docenat 120 MG Injection is a [...]

Celrixafor Plerixafor 24mg Injection 1 Vial

Celrixafor Plerixafor 24mg Injection 1 Vial What is Celrixafor Plerixafor 24mg Injection? Celrixafor Plerixafor 24mg Injection 1 Vial, [...]

Pacliall Paclitaxel 100mg Injection

Pacliall Paclitaxel 100mg Injection What is Pacliall Paclitaxel Injection? Pacliall Paclitaxel 100mg Injection, Pacliall 100 MG Injection [...]

Gliotem Temozolomide 250mg Capsule

Gliotem Temozolomide 250mg Capsule What is Gliotem Temozolomide Capsule? Gliotem Temozolomide 250mg Capsule, Gliotem Capsule is used for [...]