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Dec 27, 2017

Strantas 250mg Fulvestrant Injection

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What is Strantas 250mg Fulvestrant Injection?

Strantas 250mg Fulvestrant Injection, Strantas is an anti-estrogen medication. It works by hindering the activities of estrogen in the body. Certain types of breast cancer use estrogen to grow and multiply in the body. Strantas is used to treat some hormone-related breast cancer.

Strantas is also used in postmenopausal women whose breast cancer has progressed after treatment with other anti-estrogen medication. Strantas may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

Product Description:

Brand Name: Strantas
Generic Name: Fulvestrant
Strength: 250mg
Packaging Type: 5ml in a Vail
Form: Injections
Manufactured by: Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd

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Uses of Strantas Fulvestrant 250mg Injection:

Strantas is used in the treatment of breast cancer which has spread locally or to other parts of the body, in women who have attained menopause, and have not responded well to treatment with anti estrogen medications. Buy Online Strantas Fulvestrant 250mg Injection Suppliers China.

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