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Dec 23, 2017

Intaxel Paclitaxel 260mg Injection

Intaxel Paclitaxel 260mg Injection

What is Intaxel Paclitaxel 260mg Injection?

Intaxel Paclitaxel 260mg Injection, Intaxel 260 MG Injection is an anticancer medicine, used in chemotherapy to treat a number of cancers. Primarily it is used in the treatment of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. It is sold under the trade name of Taxol. Intaxel 260 MG Injection is categorized as a plant alkaloid, a taxane and an antimicrotublue agent. Intaxel 260 MG Injection is injected into the body by injection or infusion. Intaxel 260 MG Injection is a type of irritant that may cause an inflammation of your vein through which it is being given.

Other side effects or reactions that you may experience on taking Intaxel 260 MG Injection are nausea, vomiting tendency, hair loss, diarrhea, hypersensitivity, mucositis, skin rash, flushing, blurred vision, numbness, dizziness, fever, paleness, difficulty in breathing, cough, sweating, slow or irregular heartbeat and chest pain. In certain adverse cases, it may cause major arthralgia, myalgia. It is advised that you seek medical attention if you are afflicted with any of these side effects.

Before taking Intaxel 260 MG Injection discuss with your doctor if you have any of the conditions mentioned below:
• If you are taking any prescriptive or over the counter drugs, herbal medications or dietary supplements.
• If you are planning to take any immunization, vaccination or radiation treatment anytime soon.
• If you are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant or are nursing a baby.
• If you have any allergies, bacterial or viral infections.
• If you are under 18 years of age.
• If you have heart, liver, kidney or bone marrow disorders.


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